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(Stand: 10.12.23, Adresse: http://www.grammiweb.de/uebersichten/mysql-fehlercodes.shtml)


MySQL - Fehlercodes

Die kostenlose Datenbank MySQL zeichnet sich vor allem durch einfache Bedienung, großes Leistungspotential und erfreuliche Flexibilität aus. Trotzdem schleicht sich in die SQL-Programmierung gerne mal ein Fehler ein, so dass das gerade programmierte digitale Kunstwerk strikt seinen Dienst versagt oder das heruntergeladene Script scheinbar noch ein Schläfchen nimmt.

MySQL reagiert je nach Wunsch des Programmierers entweder mit Stillschweigen, einer individuellen oder einer vorgegebenen Fehlermeldung oder mit einem Fehlercode auf fehlerhafte Anweisungen. Der Code ist dabei eine äußerst beliebte Variante, da er zumindest ansatzweise verhindern kann, dass ungeübte oder mit der Anwendungsumgebung nicht vertraute Nutzer im Quelltext herumbasteln und auf eigene Faust versuchen, den Fehler zu beheben.

In der folgenden Aufstellung finden Sie die MySQL-Fehlercodes mit deren Bedeutung.


CodeFehler in Klartext
1004Can't create file '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1005Can't create table '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1006Can't create database '%-.64s'. (errno: %d)
1007Can't create database '%-.64s'. Database exists
1008Can't drop database '%-.64s'. Database doesn't exist
1009Error dropping database (can't delete '%-.64s', errno: %d)
1010Error dropping database (can't rmdir '%-.64s', errno: %d)
1011Error on delete of '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1012Can't read record in system table
1013Can't get status of '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1014Can't get working directory (errno: %d)
1015Can't lock file (errno: %d)
1016Can't open file: '%-.64s'. (errno: %d)
1017Can't find file: '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1018Can't read dir of '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1019Can't change dir to '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1020Record has changed since last read in table '%-.64s'
1021Disk full (%s). Waiting for someone to free some space....
1022Can't write, duplicate key in table '%-.64s'
1023Error on close of '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1024Error reading file '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1025Error on rename of '%-.64s' to '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1026Error writing file '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1027'%-.64s' is locked against change
1028Sort aborted
1029View '%-.64s' doesn't exist for '%-.64s'
1030Got error %d from table handler
1031Table handler for '%-.64s' doesn't have this option
1032Can't find record in '%-.64s'
1033Incorrect information in file: '%-.64s'
1034Incorrect key file for table: '%-.64s'. Try to repair it
1035Old key file for table '%-.64s'; Repair it!
1036Table '%-.64s' is read only
1037Out of memory. Restart daemon and try again (needed %d bytes)
1038Out of sort memory. Increase daemon sort buffer size
1039Unexpected eof found when reading file '%-.64s' (errno: %d)
1040Too many connections
1041Out of memory; Check if mysqld or some other process uses all available memory. If not you may have to use 'ulimit' to allow mysqld to use more memory or you can add more swap space
1042Can't get hostname for your address
1043Bad handshake
1044Access denied for user: '%-.32s@%-.64s' to database '%-.64s'
1045Access denied for user: '%-.32s@%-.64s' (Using password: %s)
1046No Database Selected
1047Unknown command
1048Column '%-.64s' cannot be null
1049Unknown database '%-.64s'
1050Table '%-.64s' already exists
1051Unknown table '%-.64s'
1052Column: '%-.64s' in %-.64s is ambiguous
1053Server shutdown in progress
1054Unknown column '%-.64s' in '%-.64s'
1055'%-.64s' isn't in GROUP BY
1056Can't group on '%-.64s'
1057Statement has sum functions and columns in same statement
1058Column count doesn't match value count
1059Identifier name '%-.100s' is too long
1060Duplicate column name '%-.64s'
1061Duplicate key name '%-.64s'
1062Duplicate entry '%-.64s' for key %d
1063Incorrect column specifier for column '%-.64s'
1064%s near '%-.80s' at line %d
1065Query was empty
1066Not unique table/alias: '%-.64s'
1067Invalid default value for '%-.64s'
1068Multiple primary key defined
1069Too many keys specified. Max %d keys allowed
1070Too many key parts specified. Max %d parts allowed
1071Specified key was too long. Max key length is %d
1072Key column '%-.64s' doesn't exist in table
1073BLOB column '%-.64s' can't be used in key specification with the used table type
1074Too big column length for column '%-.64s' (max = %d). Use BLOB instead
1075Incorrect table definition; There can only be one auto column and it must be defined as a key
1076%s: ready for connections\n
1077%s: Normal shutdown\n
1078%s: Got signal %d. Aborting!\n
1079%s: Shutdown Complete\n
1080%s: Forcing close of thread %ld user: '%-.32s'\n
1081Can't create IP socket
1082Table '%-.64s' has no index like the one used in CREATE INDEX. Recreate the table
1083Field separator argument is not what is expected. Check the manual
1084You can't use fixed rowlength with BLOBs. Please use 'fields terminated by'.
1085The file '%-.64s' must be in the database directory or be readable by all
1086File '%-.80s' already exists
1087Records: %ld Deleted: %ld Skipped: %ld Warnings: %ld
1088Records: %ld Duplicates: %ld
1089Incorrect sub part key. The used key part isn't a string, the used length is longer than the key part or the table handler doesn't support unique sub keys
1090You can't delete all columns with ALTER TABLE. Use DROP TABLE instead
1091Can't DROP '%-.64s'. Check that column/key exists
1092Records: %ld Duplicates: %ld Warnings: %ld
1093INSERT TABLE '%-.64s' isn't allowed in FROM table list
1094Unknown thread id: %lu
1095You are not owner of thread %lu
1096No tables used
1097Too many strings for column %-.64s and SET
1098Can't generate a unique log-filename %-.64s.(1-999)\n
1099Table '%-.64s' was locked with a READ lock and can't be updated
1100Table '%-.64s' was not locked with LOCK TABLES
1101BLOB column '%-.64s' can't have a default value
1102Incorrect database name '%-.100s'
1103Incorrect table name '%-.100s'
1104The SELECT would examine too many records and probably take a very long time. Check your WHERE and use SET OPTION SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 if the SELECT is ok
1105Unknown error
1106Unknown procedure '%-.64s'
1107Incorrect parameter count to procedure '%-.64s'
1108Incorrect parameters to procedure '%-.64s'
1109Unknown table '%-.64s' in %-.32s
1110Column '%-.64s' specified twice
1111Invalid use of group function
1112Table '%-.64s' uses an extension that doesn't exist in this MySQL version
1113A table must have at least 1 column
1114The table '%-.64s' is full
1115Unknown character set: '%-.64s'
1116Too many tables. MySQL can only use %d tables in a join
1117Too many columns
1118Too big row size. The maximum row size, not counting BLOBs, is %d. You have to change some fields to BLOBs
1119Thread stack overrun: Used: %ld of a %ld stack. Use 'mysqld -O thread_stack=#' to specify a bigger stack if needed
1120Cross dependency found in OUTER JOIN. Examine your ON conditions
1121Column '%-.64s' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX but is not defined as NOT NULL
1122Can't load function '%-.64s'
1123Can't initialize function '%-.64s'; %-.80s
1124No paths allowed for shared library
1125Function '%-.64s' already exist
1126Can't open shared library '%-.64s' (errno: %d %-.64s)
1127Can't find function '%-.64s' in library'
1128Function '%-.64s' is not defined
1129Host '%-.64s' is blocked because of many connection errors. Unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'
1130Host '%-.64s' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
1131You are using MySQL as an anonymous users and anonymous users are not allowed to change passwords
1132You must have privileges to update tables in the mysql database to be able to change passwords for others
1133Can't find any matching row in the user table
1134Rows matched: %ld Changed: %ld Warnings: %ld
1135Can't create a new thread (errno %d). If you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug
1136Column count doesn't match value count at row %ld
1137Can't reopen table: '%-.64s'
1138Invalid use of NULL value
1139Got error '%-.64s' from regexp
1140Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT()...) with no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause
1141There is no such grant defined for user '%-.32s' on host '%-.64s'
1142%-.16s command denied to user: '%-.32s@%-.64s' for table '%-.64s'
1143%-.16s command denied to user: '%-.32s@%-.64s' for column '%-.64s' in table '%-.64s'
1144Illegal GRANT/REVOKE command. Please consult the manual which privileges can be used.
1145The host or user argument to GRANT is too long
1146Table '%-.64s.%-.64s' doesn't exist
1147There is no such grant defined for user '%-.32s' on host '%-.64s' on table '%-.64s'
1148The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version
1149You have an error in your SQL syntax
1150Delayed insert thread couldn't get requested lock for table %-.64s
1151Too many delayed threads in use
1152Aborted connection %ld to db: '%-.64s' user: '%-.32s' (%-.64s)
1153Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet'
1154Got a read error from the connection pipe
1155Got an error from fcntl()
1156Got packets out of order
1157Couldn't uncompress communication packet
1158Got an error reading communication packets
1159Got timeout reading communication packets
1160Got an error writing communication packets
1161Got timeout writing communication packets
1162Result string is longer than max_allowed_packet
1163The used table type doesn't support BLOB/TEXT columns
1164The used table type doesn't support AUTO_INCREMENT columns
1165INSERT DELAYED can't be used with table '%-.64s', because it is locked with LOCK TABLES
1166Incorrect column name '%-.100s'
1167The used table handler can't index column '%-.64s'
1168All tables in the MERGE table are not identically defined
1169Can't write, because of unique constraint, to table '%-.64s'
1170BLOB column '%-.64s' used in key specification without a key length
1171All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL; If you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead
1172Result consisted of more than one row
1173This table type requires a primary key
1174This version of MySQL is not compiled with RAID support
1175You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses a KEY column
1176Key '%-.64s' doesn't exist in table '%-.64s'
1177Can't open table
1178The handler for the table doesn't support check/repair
1179You are not allowed to execute this command in a transaction
1180Got error %d during COMMIT
1181Got error %d during ROLLBACK
1182Got error %d during FLUSH_LOGS
1183Got error %d during CHECKPOINT
1184Aborted connection %ld to db: '%-.64s' user: '%-.32s' host: `%-.64s' (%-.64s)
1185The handler for the table does not support binary table dump
1186Binlog closed, cannot RESET MASTER
1187Failed rebuilding the index of dumped table '%-.64s'
1188Error from master: '%-.64s'
1189Net error reading from master
1190Net error writing to master
1191Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list
1192Can't execute the given command because you have active locked tables or an active transaction
1193Unknown system variable '%-.64'
1194Table '%-.64s' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
1195Table '%-.64s' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed
1196Warning: Some non-transactional changed tables couldn't be rolled back
1197Multi-statement transaction required more than 'max_binlog_cache_size' bytes of storage. Increase this mysqld variable and try again
1198This operation cannot be performed with a running slave, run SLAVE STOP first
1199This operation requires a running slave, configure slave and do SLAVE START
1200The server is not configured as slave, fix in config file or with CHANGE MASTER TO
1201Could not initialize master info structure, check permisions on master.info
1202Could not create slave thread, check system resources
1203User %-.64s has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections
1204You may only use constant expressions with SET
1205Lock wait timeout exceeded
1206The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size
1207Update locks cannot be acquired during a READ UNCOMMITTED transaction
1208DROP DATABASE not allowed while thread is holding global read lock
1209CREATE DATABASE not allowed while thread is holding global read lock
1210Wrong arguments to %s
1211%-.32s@%-.64s is not allowed to create new users

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